Singing Our Way Through

Singing Our Way Through

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Singing Our Way Through:
Songs for the World's Bravest Kids

  1. I Am the Light
  2. When I Get Bald
  3. I'm a Little Monkey
  4. Take a Little Walk with Me (feat. Elizabeth Mitchell)
  5. Hard Travelin' (feat. The Okee Dokee Brothers)
  6. Have You Ever Been Jealous? (feat. Rani Arbo)
  7. B-R-A-V-E
  8. You've Got a Friend in Me (feat. Chris Smither)
  9. Joy Comes Back
  10. Take Care of Your Grownups
  11. Walk On
  12. Home When I Hold You (feat. Aoife O’Donovan)
  13. This Little Light of Mine (feat. The World’s Bravest Kids)

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