Singing Our Way Through

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As Seen and Heard On

Awards and Accolades

2013 GRAMMY Nomination, Best Children's Album
2013 Parents Choice Gold Medal
2013 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Gold Medal
2013 Fids & Kamily Poll #3 Album of the Year
2013 People Magazine Best Kids' Album Pick

"What’s most impressive about the record is its ability to portray cancer for what it is: a complex human process full of fear and pain, but also moments of great intimacy and even joy. It’s an unsentimental album that happens to be deeply moving… A masterpiece." [Read the full article here.]

"These songs provide a combination of empathy and humor, offering strength to any families facing an uncertain future… Kids fighting illness and their families are its primary audience, but its message of clear-eyed hope and comfort isn't just for kids." [Listen to the full story here.]
- All Things Considered, NPR

"Catchy songs like the hand-clapping 'B-R-A-V-E' make up this inspiring but never maudlin collection dedicated to kids battling cancer." A Best Kids' Albums Pick
- People Magazine

"In the footsteps of Seeger and Guthrie, Alastair Moock makes real kids music that parents can actually enjoy… Though Singing Our Way Through is never morose, neither does it hide from poignancy and emotion." [Read the full article here.]
- The Boston Globe Magazine

"I don't think I've ever seen such a perfect example of making yummy lemonade out of some really rotten lemons as Alastair Moock's excellent new CD. At a time when he was most helpless as a parent, he did what he could as a musician to create something to help families in his family's position. It's a wonderful album."
- Kathy O'Connell, Kids Corner, WXPN-FM


"I could not imagine music that would speak to this experience the way this does. It is a real gift. There is something comforting about listening to music that is both beautiful and able to express the painful, terrifying and sometimes isolating experience we share.I felt less alone listening to it."
- Shannon, mom to Nico (age 2)

"I will never forget seeing Alastair’s 'When I Get Bald' video for the first time this spring. I watched it as someone who has been working closely with pediatric cancer patients for over ten years, and was overcome with emotion. Mostly, I laughed hysterically as I watched, but tears were streaming down my face the entire time, because I was so deeply relieved and ecstatic that someone had finally gotten it right… I so desperately wish that this resource had been available for my own sassy, spunky daughter, who would have delighted in the fact that someone truly understood how hard, weird, funny, and strangely beautiful her own cancer experience was."
- Beecher Grogan, Director, Lucy's Love Bus

"Mariah was a bit down yesterday. We decided to play the CD — before I knew it, we were both singing and dancing!"
- Yadira Jimenez, aunt to Mariah (age 9)

"Monday's performance was truly awesome. It was impossible not to laugh, cry, and sing along. Alastair really captures the essence of the cancer journey and presents it in beautiful music. He has turned family trauma into a gift for many to enjoy."
- Dr. Anders Kolb, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Nemours Hospital for Children

"Mr Moock, you and Clio are our inspirations. Thank you for lifting my little girl's spirit."
- Adriana Luna-Cisneros, mom to Itzel

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Press Release
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The Singing Our Way Through project was created by Boston musician and father Alastair Moock. In July of 2012, one of Alastair’s twin five-year-old daughters, Clio, was diagnosed with leukemia. Alastair and Clio sang and wrote together while she was in the hospital and over the next year Alastair continued to write and collect songs. With the help of an amazing fundraising campaign, those songs came together in an album called Singing Our Way Through: Songs for the World's Bravest Kids. Now Alastair is bringing that album — and live performances — to hospitals, clinics, and camps around the country.

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Moock & Clio
Photo by Matt Dorris

Moock & Clio
Photo by Justin Miel

Photo by Mara Brod

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