Singing Our Way Through

When I Get Bald [Official Music Video]
Video directed by Matt Dorris, Grain Digital. Featuring Alastair, Dan Carp, Tim Douglas, Matt Fishbein, Patrick French, Evan Georgopoulos and three of the world's bravest kids: Clio, Bennett, and Maddy. Shot in 2012 on location at The Barber's Den, Melrose, MA.

The Making of "Singing Our Way Through"
Video directed by Matt Dorris, Grain Digital. Featuring the album musicians and some of the world's bravest kids.

When I Get Bald [Slideshow]
Pictures submitted by the bald, brave, and beautiful.

Joy Comes Back
Video contributed by an amazing little girl named Itzel.

This Little Light
Alastair and (a thriving) Clio singing for MyMusicRx Bedstock 2015.

Interview with Katie Couric
ABC News invited Alastair in to do this interview about the album with Katie Couric, a long time advocate for cancer research and awareness.

Interview on Good Morning America Live
Alastair on the GMA after-show.

Review on NPR's All Things Considered
An audio review of Singing Our Way Through

Radio Boston
Alastair performs live and has a thoughful exchange with WBUR's Anthony Brooks.

I'm a Little Monkey
I'm a Little Monkey was the first co-write by Clio and Alastair in the hospital. This is the "hospital demo" that started the whole project. Listen to Clio hit those high notes!

More videos at YouTube.