Singing Our Way Through

Singing Our Way Through
I'm a Little Monkey
Music by Alastair Moock © 2013 Moockshake Music
Lyrics by Alastair and Clio Moock © 2013 Moockshake Music

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Chorus: Ooh ooh, aah aah, eee eee I feel fine
I’m a little monkey, swinging on a monkey vine

Swinging from the branches of every jungle tree
Swinging and jumping underneath the canopy
Swing so low, swing so high
Swinging right up to the sky


Eating nanas from the nana tree
All them nanas grew there just for me
Swing so high, swing so low
Don’t stop now, go go go!

Little monkeys never put on a tie
Little monkeys they don’t work nine to five
A monkey’s job is to swing all day
It’s monkey business to play that way


Ooh ooh, aah aah, eee eee I feel fine
I feel fine x3